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Parution décembre 2023
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Modern tales and wisdom

“My stories are vehicles for the journey. Get in and let yourself be driven! », proposes the storyteller to his embly.

(…) And it is by responding to this call that listeners and readers allow themselves to be carried away as one embarks “in a canoe, an automobile, a spaceship” towards the journey proposed by the writer Eugène Ebodé: Grandfather Ouidi in the Sahel. The Cameroonian man of letters is in fact presenting at the end of the year a collection of tales of a new genre, where traditional ingredients (stories by an ancestor, meeting under a baobab tree, animals gifted with speech, etc.) mix with others, more surprising and modern (plane to Dubai, checks and bank notes, discussions on human rights, etc.).

The result is a series of nine original tales, offered to the wisdom of readers. Here, there is no moral or formal conclusion: the stories follow one another, amusing, astonishing, such as the one featuring a donkey demanding to be treated with dignity or this other in which a hunter triumphs over a cheetah thanks to the vigilance of a kitten. As for the Sahel, it is the ultimate setting, a space magnified by the storyteller, in an era beyond current times. In short, tales dedicated to the joy of reading and being read, to the pleasure of laughing and sharing.

Grandfather Ouidi in the Sahel, by Eugène Ebodé. Editions Africamoude, Rabat (80 pages, 10 euros). From 10 years old.


by Kidi Bebey